Course Name : IVF Protocols & simulators training program

This is a advanced ART Course for Clinicians which gives complete in-depth understanding of all aspects of an In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
cycle, from pre-treatment evaluation and testing, through the entire treatment path, and into planning for future cycles. This is a didactic course
and comprises of lectures and case discussions. Simulation practice & Hands on included.

Eligibility: MBBS, MS, OBG, MD, DGO

Certificate: Yes

At the end of the program the participant will be well versed with:


Drugs used for IVF


Pre-treatment for IVF


Ovulation suppression


Triggering Ovulation


Different Protocols of Controlled Ovarian Stimulation in IVF

  • Natural cycle IVF and Modified Natural cycle IVF
  • Mild/minimal stimulation
  • GnRH Agonist -Protocol
  • GnRH Antagonist -Protocols
  • Luteal phase ovarian stimulation
  • Double stimulation: Shanghai protocol