Andrology is a branch of medical science which specially deals with the men’s health. Andrology deals with male reproductive system problems. Andrology deals explicitly with the infertility problems in men. The male reproductive system-related issues are sexual dysfunctionality, vasectomy, erectile function problems, and so on. Gynaecology is the counterpart of the andrology as gynaecology deals with the female reproductive system problems.

Laboratory Andrology:

Laboratory Andrology is the branch of andrology in which all laboratory diagnostics of a male reproductive system done by expert physicians. In most of the cases, when an andrologist finds a problem with a patient’s reproductive system, he refers him to get his tests done in the laboratory.

Infertility problems spread across the globe among lakhs of couples. In some cases, infertility issues are because of female problems and male problems. Infertility in men can be a severe concern for most of them as it can hamper the growth of their progeny. In laboratories, there is a range of diagnostic testings available for men’s reproductive problems. Many testing functions are carried on in the andrology laboratory as some of them are below-mentioned:

  • Semen Analysis
  • Sperm Quality
  • Sperm Count Test
  • Sperm freezing facility
  • Fertility preservation for assisted reproductive technology
  • Sperm Banking
  • Testicular testing
  • Vasectomy analysis
  • Spermatogenesis
  • Fertilization
  • Cryopreservation

There are two types of fields in laboratory andrology like specifically andrology and embryology as andrology deals with the directly male reproductive system whereas embryology with the in-vitro fertilization related issues.

Bioscience Graduates in Laboratory Andrology:

Bioscience graduates generally study the cells, conservation, ecology, physiology, biomedicine, biochemistry and genetics. Bioscience students are eligible for various futuristic jobs like clinical physiologists, biological scientists, microbiologists, soil scientists, research scientists, pharmacologists, nanotechnologists, biotechnologists, and so on. 

Laboratory andrology can be a lucrative career option for bioscience students as it is becoming mainstream nowadays. 

Areas for career option for bioscience students:

  • Universities
  • Clinical Research Organisations
  • Hospitals
  • Scientific consultancy firms
  • Colleges
  • Health and Environmental organizations

In earlier days, the andrology branch was not that developed and recognized like its counterpart gynaecology, but circumstances have changed a lot due to changing societal norms and lifestyles. 

Work Profile in Andrology:

Laboratory Andrology:

There are some normal parameters available to determine sperm quality in a lab. In andrology, the quality of sperm is analyzed by an expert in laboratory andrology. Many scientific techniques have developed to improve male fertility. The task of an andrologist is to make sure that the samples are not tampered with and to be tested in a strict environment. Several surgical procedures like intrauterine insemination preparation, in-vitro fertilization, sperm analysis are carried out in the laboratory with utmost care 


Embryology is one of the branches of andrology in which the formation, growth, and development of embryos in the laboratory monitored by experts. The complex procedures like IVF cycles carried out by the embryologists. The job of an embryologist is to collect samples, labeling samples accordingly, checking the sperms to match them with eggs carefully. 

Long story short. Hell lot of opportunities are waiting for you in various branches of fertility issues like andrology, gynaecology, embryology. Andrology is the new future of male reproductive health-related problems. Andrology is gaining more popularity after the inception of in-Vitro fertilization procedures across the world. Andrologists and gynaecologist are improving the lives of lakhs of infertile couples across the globe with specialization and expertise.