Course Name : Ovulation Induction Protocols in TI/IUI

The aim of this training program is to reinforce the need to have a full understanding of ovulation induction in different patient profiles in basic
ART treatments. It gives an understanding of Trouble shooting in OI and IUI cycles. It also focuses on Case scenarios in ovulation induction.

Eligibility: MD / MS / DNB (in OBS & GYN) / DGO 

Certificate: Yes

At the end of the program the participant will be well versed with:

  • Anovulation and oligo-ovulation
  • Classification of an ovulation
  • Causes of anovulation
  • Drugs used for Ovulation Induction
  • Ovulation induction protocol
  • Understanding factors affecting male fertility
  • Introduction to different techniques and factors determining the outcome of IUI
    • Natural cycle IUI
    • Optimum ovarian stimulation for IUI
    • Selection criteria of OI and IUI
    • Selection criteria of OI and TI